Amœba : Kollektiv is a collaboration between Serinyà, Hans Malm, and Vendela Grundell. In the Spring of 2014, we participated in the group exhibition The Unknown (Det okända) initiated by Serinyà as part of his exhibition concept 6T Gallery where nine, mainly photo-based, artists took on a 1625 sqm garage during six intense hours.

    After the exhibition, the three of us continued talking about different new projects – all starting with the idea that this kind of intervention is an enriching challenge for our own photographic work and for the photography field at large.

    We call our group Amœba because we share an interest in letting the result of our collaboration be shaped by the current space: a physical gallery, a publication, a geographical location, a time slot, or some other limitation that sets a frame or a stage for our work.

About Amœba : Kollektiv and its artists



Working with Community Transit

Vendela Grundell (b. 1977) from Stockholm, Sweden, has studied photography at GFU and Fotoskolan, both in Stockholm. She has also a PhD in Art History at Stockholm University with the thesis Flow and Friction: On the Tactical Potential of Interfacing with Glitch Art – a revised and expanded edition was published with Art & Theory in September 2016. Grundell has also published the photobook Periscope (2009) and participated in altogether about 25 solo and group exhibitions and other cultural projects.


Hans Malm (b. 1962) from Stockholm, Sweden, has worked with different photographic projects since 2005. Apart from showing his work in a number of solo and group exibitions he has also published two monographs: Sleeping with the Lights On (Kehrer Verlag, 2013) and #mobilism (Boecker Books, 2015). He also participated in the photographic anthology Out of Necessity Stockholm (2014). Since 2015 Malm also runs the small photo book publishing house Bœcker Books.


Serinyà (David Puig Serinyà) (b. 1974) from Girona, Catalonia, have studied photography and art at the University of Barcelona. Since 2006 he lives and works in Stockholm and have made solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions showing both his photographic work as well as installations.