In this our first joint work – Community Transit – we challenge the practice and format of the group exhibition, and explore how to convey a shared journey. Three separate series overlap in a continuous flow, creating memories of a new journey taken by the viewer. Our shared story becomes greater than its parts, as we ask: how does a collective process mirror or affect our individual eyes and our individual images?


Into this process, we bring images that share a sense of travel. Serinyà's work Translocation is a concrete journey from A to B that also entails a movement from one life phase to another. In Hans Malm's suite Der Mensch in der Maschine (work title), he documents a fixed place where large flows of commuters pass by every day. In Vendela Grundell's series Born Into Color, the step between different states of mind and experience is captured through the colour, shade and light shifting in everyday rooms. These three materials complement each other like variations on a theme of transit. They also share a drive for what a journey is – to choose a direction, set something in motion, break structures and build anew. What happens when our journeys cross, when a new map of a new territory takes shape?


The final artwork is a projection made up of two film loops of different length that are not synchronized. One 5:48 minutes long and the other one 4:50 minutes. This makes new combinations appear almost indefinitely.

Project #1


Community Transit

Exhibited at

Centrum För Fotografi CFF Stockholm

May 12 – May 29, 2016

Installation video, 3 min.

(Silent, as the projection)

Installation picture 1

Installation picture 2

Close-up of the corner where the projections meet

Exhibition space